These are the issues people

Me and Alysha went grocery shopping again today because we have quickly learned no one shares, but us.
The fridge is overflowing with food, which includes 6 milk cartons people!! There are only six people living in this dorm, and me and lysha share milk. Do the math; someone has TWO cartons in there! Also, there are 3 ketchup bottles, 5 bottles of mayo, and 4 bottles of ranch.. Share is not in these girl's vocabulary. And we have discussed it, believe me. I once brought up the topic of maybe sharing milk, but I was quickly shot down.

It is a roomie eat roomie world up here.

I honestly am scared of one or two of them..
One roomate marks where she last left her milk with a line.. Like any of us would dare use some and find out what happens when she returns to milk below the line.

I've been googling prices of mini fridges. Only 100 bucks dad, what do you say? ;)

These are the college issues people!

The milk.

 Jenna always shares her milk with me. Sweetheart. 

 I have a pus pocket in my throat, but on the bright side, I do not have strep. 


  1. Seriously.. the funnel. Just imagine her reaction.

  2. Pus pocket? Geez! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I tried to keep the describing of the pus pocket to a minimum! Sorry if it still grossed you out uncle B :)