The Next Two Years

Soo one of my roommates got engaged this weekend.

(because I will be posting information about people on the internet for everyone in the world to see without them knowing about it, I am going to start using fake names.)

Lets call her Skipper.

The nuptials are scheduled for December, and Skipper is very excited! We all are!
I have a childhood friend, we will call her Poe, who is also getting married in December.

Another roommate, who will remain nameless for now, is also very seriously considering getting married this summer. ( you know who you are :) )

I feel like marriage is surrounding me. I immediately check people's left ring finger when I meet them, boy or girl, and more often than not there will be a pretty little ring there.

So I'm finding myself a little out of place, to my families relief I am sure, because I am so far away from jumping on the marriage train.
I'd say I am at least TWO years away. For those of you who can't, or are too lazy to do the math, that is somewhere around 21. Reasonable don't you think?

The thing is, two years is rather far away, and with marriage snatching up friends left and right, I am going to be very alone, very bored, for very long, very soon.
(run on sentence?)

So the task for you, my readers :), is to help me come up with some really amazing things to do for the next two years. I need your best pearls of knowledge people, and be specific.

i.e. "I think you should do a study abroad in New Zealand fall semester."


i.e. "I think you should spend 35,000 dollars to go on a submarine to visit the Titanic wreck."

This means for those of you who read this blog, but do not have an account so you cannot comment, that you need to make an account. Pleeeease?

Skipper's Ring. 

Thank You!


  1. I think you should buckle down and see how much schooling you can get done in next 2 years. Because after you get married your parents will not be paying your tuition :)

  2. Be a princess, go to spain, be president of something

  3. I agree with Ben. Make school your number one priority. Also, consider getting a job, save money, and do that study abroad.

  4. Dad and Braden I am less than excited about your advice.
    Bri! help me, be my life experiences guide.

  5. Ahem...unfortunately I agree with the school idea BUT I think you should do out of state internships, study abroad, summer semesters in Hawaii. Be productive and network while having f fun!
    Love, Poe

  6. jo! my major buddy, tell me about these internships? I wouldn't even know where to begin!

  7. have a baby. they're loads of fun

    ya i stalk you now