Buses and Cheese

I once read on Bri's blog about her experience of getting on the bus at the end of the day in Disneyworld.
It was hilarious, and almost unbelievable.

Today I discovered that the shuttle system at USU, when it's pouring rain, looks very similar.

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful, today it is freezing and wet. No one seems to be prepared for the weather change, so when I reach the bus stop at 8:30, there is already quite a crowd waiting in line. By the time the bus gets to the stop it is about 8:40. The wet students load up into the bus, and there are already no seats available; I am standing, and snow hall is the first stop on the bus route. Although the bus is what you and I would call full, the bus driver makes 3 more stops, thinking that there is still room for the crowd of 20 at each stop. This is a process, and by the time we reach our 4th stop, it is now 9 o'clock. The time that every student in that bus's classes start.


I'm pressed up against strangers, rain is coming through the opened emergency escape hatch on the ceiling of the bus, and I'm 10 minuets late to class.

At 3 o'clock when I am done with classes for the day. I am sopping wet from walking around campus, and the bus ride home is exactly the same.

And the only thing I can think about is how much worse it's going to be in the winter...

I unfortunately do not have any pictures that I can get onto my computer to show you. I will one day.

I still love it here. Don't worry, sitting in my dorm in an oversized sweatshirt with 3 too many servings of mac and cheese makes everything better :)

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