The Real O.C.

I spent my Labor Day weekend in O town and visited family and friends.

At my families traditional sunday get togethers at my grandmas, my mom made a little speech about how crying is manipulative, and we should try to control it. This coming from the woman who taught me that tears and Ibuprofen fix everything made the whole family laugh. And to no surprise on my way out the door monday evening, my dear mother breaks into tears, which of course makes me start to cry too. (Dad held it together and chuckled at his tender girls as always.)
I wonder if my mother and I will ever make a weekend visit home without crying..

The point of this is really just to say that I love my family, and I loved my weekend at home..

and that I hope my parents are ready to pay for some gas :)

But it's their fault. If everyone wasn't so charming, giving, loving and extremely attractive I wouldn't feel the need to come back to them.
But they are, and I do.

Can you really blame me??

I wouldn't be being honest if I didn't mention Braden too. That little variable also makes Orem look pretty good when I'm sitting up here.

I have more to say, but I will save it for tomorrow.

unless I become addicted to blogging like I am to facebooking, then I will post again in about 30 min.

                           Everything is better with a picture.

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