Communication and Sheep

Today in my Journalism and Communications class we had a guest speaker.
Her name is Julie Hollist, and she was brilliant.
She works for the Cache Valley Visitors Bureau.

Basically she told us about what she does, and her advice on how to be successful in life, specifically in a communications major;
Which, for those of you who don't know, is my major.

She was hilarious, clever, and smart. It was the best class I've been to since college started.

More importantly, it was the first day I really felt like I belonged in the major I've chosen.

I took two pages of notes simply on this lady's thoughts, none of which most people would consider profound, but I loved it. Everything she said was thought provoking, and inspiring, at least for me. I turned around at one point and saw a girl pretending to shoot herself in the head implying her extreme boredom, which is when I think I realized obviously not everyone in the class was feeling the same as I was, because this is MY major.

Which is why I won't bore you with all the things she taught me, some of which I'm pretty sure my mom has been telling me my whole life, because this isn't your major. its MINE.
But I will say she said to learn how to write intelligently, and that ANY practice you can get involved in you should take advantage of; like blogging! eh eh?

The point is, the class was amazing.

(I will feel slightly embarrassed if one day I change my major to something so different than what I am raving about right now)

In other news, only at USU would you find students practicing for their RODEO club on the quad; with actual sheep, and bails of hay.
Because I have no pictures of today, here is a picture of me with some sheep. 

Maybe I should join the Rodeo Club?


  1. Advice is always easy to accept if comes from someone other than your parents ;)

    The litter box missed you this past weekend!

  2. You already have 8 awesome posts! Keep it up.