Things my mother taught me

Beth (my mom) and Jill (Alysha's mom) would be proud mama bears if they could see us today.
Although I doubt my mom would be impressed with my unmade bed, she would be proud of the clean bathroom, and my dust free room.

Alysha and I have cleaned our dorm bathrooms twice now. Yes, scrubbing the toilet, wiping the mirrors, and picking the hair out of the sink drain with our bare fingers.

And because I am my mothers daughter, I also dust my room.

It is a surprisingly dirty job.. We apparently are 6 dirty girls.

I know I am a pretty clean person, as far as teenagers go, and if mine is this bad, I seriously wonder about all the other students dorms...

but that is for someone else's mother to worry about. My mom, on the other hand, should be reassured that she can now worry about other things.
 ( and anyone who knows her will tell you she won't have any problems with that :)..)

The Proof

I love you mom, and Jill! Thanks for all the life lessons :)

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  1. Mom says that she is impressed. I knew you had it in you.