This Week

Classes are OVER!
I never have to go to another statistics class in my life, or any other math class!
There are few things in this world that make me as happy as that sentence. 
Although now I have to prepare for finals, which is a little stressful, classes being over trumps finals any day.

Technically today is the day that I begin my first weekend here, but I consider my weekend starting last night. I had fun dressing up in christmas sweaters, eating cookies and pizza, and playing cards with my friends all night; without having to worry about waking up for my classes the next morning! It was a good start to what I am hoping will be a fun weekend.

The best friends

My 4th floor gang

Don't worry Braden and my parents, I will be studying too. I've been studying a little bit at least everyday. And I plan on really buckling down Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The roommates have also talked about having Skipper's fiance coming over and giving all of us blessings for finals week. 

Along with preparing for finals, and having a good time, room 404 has 4 roommates moving out, 4 new roommates moving in, and I am trading rooms. So we have a lot of moving out and in to do. And before anyone can move in or out we have to DEEP clean our dorm. Housing rules. We had to do this earlier in the year and it was some serious cleaning... I am a little stressed about getting that all done in time for me to be out of here, as soon as possible, so I can start my christmas break!

So wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts this week!
I am addicted to blogging so I am sure I will be updating you as I go. 

You are all on the edges of your seats I'm sure. 


  1. a. I'm in serious need of a Christmas Sweater
    b. what say you to a family picture in our basement next to our dinky fireplace and treadmill. We can send it out to all the family.
    c. four are moving out? You must be a terrible person to live with... now the world will know the pain I dealt with for 17 years :)
    d. Study so hard!!!!!

  2. A. 2 of them are getting married, and 1 is transferring schools, so only 1 really hates us :)
    B. yes to the fireplace
    c. YOU TOO!