Bri vs. Brooke

Clean, clean, clean.
Pack, pack, pack.
Move, move, move.
Study, study, study.
Sleep, sleep, sleep.

That is all I do these days.
(notice I didn't mention shower... I don't)

It's time to go home.

Me and my sisters blogs are in a bit of a fight.
I do not want any snow until thursday night.
But my sister wrote a letter to utah on her blog asking him? it? her? for snow and I look out my window and everything is white.
Bri- 1
Brooke- 0

I think utah likes her more because she wrote them a formal letter.

I like snow and all around christmas time, but here's the thing, I need to be able to make it home safely to my loved ones in Orem. I will be making my trip Thursday midmorning/afternoon. So if you would keep any sort of precipitation to a minimum until Thursday evening, I would appreciate it. "The best snow on earth" doesn't have to apply to the whole month of December, just kick it up a notch like a week before Christmas. Thank you!

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