My 2010

So it's the end of a decade.
I can't even believe how fast time flies.
It feels like yesterday when my dad bought me a quarter collection board for all the United States coins.

(Yes, for awhile I collected coins, and to this day I still check the back of quarters, okay?!)

He gave it to me in 2000, and the last year the quarters would be released was 2008. I remember thinking how far away 2008 was, I would be 16 by then!
It seemed like that day would never come and here we are already finished with 2010.

Lets review some of my highlights shall we?!

I attended my first festival of colors! I had been wanting to go for years but for some reason always missed it. This year I finally went, and it is a memory that will stay with me forever. I even got a picture of me crowd surfing placed in the newspaper! (above) Which my dad ordered and framed for me :)

Braden won his lacrosse state championship! Not only did Braden and I start dating in 2010, but I also learned to love lacrosse. (a seriously underrated sport in this state) I went to every game, once I started dating him, and each one was so much fun. But the state championship was obviously the best game of the season. :)

I turned 18! A legal adult now, enough said :)
This is a picture of my birthday lunch with some best friends.

I graduated from high school! That was definitely a bitter-sweet moment. High school was actually a lot of fun for me, of course it had it's painful parts, but  I mostly only have fond memories. I am happy to be done with those 3 years of my life though, and moving forward to whatever comes next.

I went to GREECE! This is more like a highlight for not only this past year, but for the rest of my life! I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to such an amazing place. My experience in Greece will definitely be one I will never forget. The trip also inspired a desire to travel more; I hope have another opportunity.

I went to DisneyWorld for the first time! Some might say I am a little to old to enjoy a trip like this, but it was actually a blast. I also got to bring Braden on this vacation, and he was a lot of fun to have around. 

Justin Beiber concert with CC. Another highlight that needs no explanation :)

I had a little scootering accident in the Provo Canyon... This may seem like it shouldn't make the highlight list, but I am probably going to have these scars on my knees and foot for my whole life. I want to remember how I got them.

I got accepted into Utah State, moved out of my house, moved to Logan into this lovely building you see here. Being in college is exciting (and kind of boring), I am happy to be onto the next stepping stone in my life. I can't wait to really learn, grow and become the adult I think I can be. I can't wait to discover and fall in love with a career. 

John Mayer/Owl City concert. Absolutely AMAZING. 
not really the Owl City part...

I died my hair brown. BIG DEAL. But I already wrote about this, if you would like a reminder, go read my thoughts on my Brown Hair entry.

I think that about sums up my 2010.
Longest blog entry ever right?!?

All in all, a perfect year.
I'll miss you 2010.


  1. It's nice to have a year in a glance post. I may have to do the same. :)

  2. This was the cutest blog post ever! Seems like you had a great year :)