Beth Borup

Today is my Mom's birthday.

Isn't she pretty??
Remind you of anyone... :) hehe

My mom is absolutely amazing, I don't even know where to start.

She is the most generous person. She is willing to give the clothes off her back to anyone who needs it. She has given whatever she can for my sister's and my happiness.
Not only ours, but ward members, Braden, my friends, and even strangers.
She once paid for a strangers hotel room, who was down in Florida while BriAnne was, when he didn't have a place to stay that first night. No one asked her to do that, but it wouldn't surprise anyone who knows her that she did it anyway.

She is so smart. She has dedicated her life to education. Graduating from BYU with a masters degree and going on to be a professor there herself.
It is because of her example that I have come to love, and really value my education. She is the reason I graduated from high school, am going to college with a scholarship, and will one day graduate with a masters degree of my own.
I hope :)

She is also one of my best friends.
I am so blessed to have a mom that I can talk to. I love laying on her bed at night and talking to her about school and friends, or sometimes crying about trials and hurt feelings. I know that although she has high expectations for her children, that if we ever failed she would be there to catch us and love us just the same.

She is a perfect mom, and wife. She is selfless, a hard worker, funny, strong, kind, smart, independent, talented, and beautiful.

I get told all of the time that I am JUST like my mom.
Well I don't think so.

But I can't think of a higher compliment.

Some moments with Mom..

I love you so much. 
I hope you have a good birthday! 
I am glad I could be home from school to celebrate with you.
One day when I have kids of my own, I hope I am truly just like you. 
Thank you for everything you do for me and our family.

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