Negative Blog

These days I feel like the only way to have a blog worth reading is to be, in some form or another, negative.

A long while ago I was talking to a friend of mind, who happens to write/perform VERY good music, and I said to him, "You are one angry kid." Cause he was/is.
and he said "Being angry is the only way to write music."
It sounds less profound now that I wrote it out like that... But I think it is relatively true.

Except I don't know anything about music...
so I am applying it to blogs.

The blogs I most enjoy reading involve either making fun of others, making fun of oneself, being extremely sarcastic, or just being plain mean.
(Never towards me the reader of course.)
This might say a lot, and nothing good, about my character...

but I think it applies to more than just me out there, don't be ashamed to admit it people!

In the real world, I am almost embarrassed to say, that I fit most of these requirements quite a bit of the time.
(I tell myself people find it endearing.)
But the point is,
In the blog world, I continue to fail at succeeding.

Probably because I am happy, and I try to be a nice person.
And my desire for comments and followers isn't going to drag down my integrity!

So whatever. Don't comment on my not funny or interesting blog.
It's FINE.


  1. [Insert Something Sarcastic Here]

  2. Just make fun of people being negative or sarcastic, then it is positive... in a way.

  3. Oh you poor poor thing you....:( haha also... I saw the black fish at the bottom of the screen and I thought it was a bug on my screen and I almost smacked it. So... no more fish.

  4. I feel like that was a bit directed to me. I will comment from now on, I promise. Lesson learned.