Summary of Two Lives.

Disneyland was a success! After my night of rest, I woke up ready for the best day of disney yet. I had such a good time with my family. I am thankful for my dad for taking me and my sister for all the sweeeeet hookups :)

Braden was sweet enough to drive me up to Logan, since I had to wake up at 5 and endure a 10 hour car ride moments before I faced what I thought would be another 2 hours in the car, in the dark, in the snow, all alone, back to USU. Instead, Braden saved me and the drive was fast and safe.
I had so much fun having him up here for a little while. I was excited to have him see a little of my life here in Logan and have my friends in Logan see a bit of my Orem life. I introduced him to my roommates and friends, and showed him around a little bit. Everyone loved him, DUH! :)

Now that he is gone I am just having fun with my roommates and friends all week. Nikki is subbing as my roommate for a few days since Lysha checked out on Wednesday. We have had a good time getting into the christmas spirit around here and decorated our little dorm to the nines. It is practically oozing christmas spirit. We have hours of girl talk and watch ABC Family or the CW endlessly.
I also got to meet two of my new roommates that will be moving-in in January. They were so sweet and cute, it made me excited for the next semester.
The friends and I are planning on another fun night tonight, maybe sledding down old main hill, or dinner at Angies!
Weeks like this one remind me how much I love my life here at USU.

I am also excited for this weekend home. And more than this weekend, I am excited for my Christmas break! I still love being in Orem too.

You know what they say, two is always better than one...
Two homes.
Two families.
Two little lives :)
I'm Lucky to live two perfect lives, my Orem life and my Logan life.
I wish there was an easy way to combine the two into one, but I can't really complain.
I have it good.




Im impressed if you actually made it to the end. I realize that was long and boring, but it's MY blog OKAY!?


  1. This was tender and I loved it. Fave post so far!

  2. How precious. Glad you are having fun!