the photos

Well, the cat is out of the bag.
It was only a day or two after I said I wasn't going to post them that Alix posted them herself.
And it's was shortly after that, that they were posted to Utah Bride Blog.

And since everyone is now free to give their comments on either blog, I figured I should tell you my thoughts too.

The blogger on Utah Bride said my ring is a green diamond, and then a photographer replied with this..

"I seriously don’t think that’s a “green diamond” though. I think that’s a green amethyst or a aquamarine, depending on the post-processing. I have both stones. They are stunning in images and even moreso in real life. BRAVO to the bride for thinking outside the box and being open to such a thing! They are amazing rings and hold up amazingly well and I totally abuse mine! lol. PS: I love your dress and your husband looks like Mr. Darcy! :)"

Well. Let me tell you. Its not a Amethyst or a Aquamarine, and it's definitely not a diamond.
My ring is a green sapphire and I adore it. I was actually upset when the pictures came back that my ring in the pictures looked so dull. I am glad everyone else likes it, but it's truly better in person.
On the actual day I'll make sure to get it cleaned before so the pictures can do it justice.

And just so everyone knows, my husband is a real life Mr. Darcy, which makes me one very happy Jane Austen fan.
Except it doesn't take a whole book for him to grow on you, he'd have you by the 1st page.

My dress is from Alysse's Bridal. It was the very first one I tried on, and I fell in love with it even though it was nothing I had ever pictured myself in.
But yes, I was freezing that day. I will be even more cold on my wedding day.
But I refuse to wear any sort of cloak or coat.
I never wanted a winter wedding, I've made plenty of adjustments for the undesired season and even come to embrace it, but covering up my dress is just not something I'm willing to do.

My earrings and bracelet are both from Nordstrom. ( a moment of silence for their upcoming closing)
And my hair pin is actually a vintage brooch from Planted Earth.
I did my own make up, but my hair stylist, Brittany, did my hair.

That is not my real bouquet. My wonderful aunt, who is planning my whole wedding, threw those together last minute and they turned out wonderful! She insists when the professional does it on my wedding day they will look better, but I think they looked great.

I chose Zane's suit. Tuxedos are much too fancy for my taste.
I also chose Zane's long hair, and his scruffy face.
That's how I like him, and that's all there is to it.

Alix is amazing. Often she is much more creative with her photography. She's used donkeys, paper airplanes, and candy of all sorts. And basically, that doesn't fit me.
But she has an ability to sense who I am and be true to Zane and I as a couple, and herself at the same time.
So the pictures ended up perfect.

I felt ridiculously silly arching my back, knowing I looked nothing like a model in that moment, but it seems to be one of her favorites. A picture I love is actually one of me laughing hysterically coming out of it, which she didn't post. But you will see on here soon enough, or at my reception if you're coming.
Just thought you needed to know I did not, and can not take myself seriously in that photo.

So there it is. My opinion.
I'm still not going to post my own pictures yet. Just doesn't feel right.
2 weeks people, that's all you have to wait.
Assuming you're actually anticipating it.. which you probably aren't, but I'm pretending it's the event of the year. So let me be delusional.

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  1. I was exactly the same way...not wanting a cloak to cover my dress. However, my mom insisted and she brought it just in case. Let me tell you...that thing saved my life. I took it off for important pictures, but in between shots you better believe I had that cloak on. I seriously would have cried and probably died without it. I had to switch shoes with my sister in law too because I literally couldn't feel my feet. Not so fun when taking pictures for two hours. So, from one December bride to another....BRING A CLOAK! :) I promise you won't regret it. I was surprised how many positive comments I had about it. As much as I didn't want it, it's probably one of the things I was most grateful for. My pics are on facebook if you want to see it. :)