It's a summary

I try not to do summary entries.
But it turns out that the last 2 weeks before you get married, and christmas are unbelievably busy. Leaving little time to blog at all, let alone blog well. 
So bare with me here, as I catch you up.

When school was over, I spent a lot of afternoons doing this while Zane worked from home. And since he is obsessed with me and all, he took a picture. It's been nice to have some time to relax a little more.

And when I wake up, we do dumb things like this. 
Also, I've created a bad habit of  only taking pictures with his iphone.

We spent some time shopping at Ikea, and then even more time building things and moving in. It looked a little like this.

Soon we celebrated Christmas with the Borups at the annual Borup Christmas party! It's exciting to think that Zane will be there with me every year for the rest of my life. 

And we spend a lot of time getting out apartment ready, eating tender meals on the floor. 

We went and saw Sherlock Holmes.

Most importantly though, I went through the temple to receive my endowments on Thursday. It was such a special experience. I am so excited to be with Zane forever, to be our own little family. And guess what? It happens in 4 days!

Next comes Christmas and the wedding. 
I promise to be a better blogger, okay?
Don't give up on me.

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