the last hoora, or however you spell it..

Yesterday was my last bridal shower, and I finished it off right celebrating with my best girl friends.
They kind of surprised me with a night up at Hillary's cabin.
It was only half a surprise, because they realized I would have to get work off. They ended up informing me Wednesday night. I'm lucky my boss at Mozy is so understanding about this crazy month for me, and let me take Friday off last minute.

The party was a success!
We decided to combine the shower with our annual Christmas party. It was like high school all over again to have all 7 of us together, and I loved it.
We ate junk food, laughed, watched a slideshow Lysha put together of all our old memories, exchanged gifts, played ridiculous games, chatted, and fell asleep to a movie.
I loved it. I love those girls.
Although having a wedding, and Christmas in the same month has been beyond stressful, it has also been such a huge reminder of how blessed I am.
Blessed to have such a wonderful future husband, blessed to have an incredibly supportive family, and blessed to have beautiful, crazy best friends.

Doin' what we do best

Love this nut!

Aren't they the cutest!

We really are the luckiest 7 :)

Thanks to everyone who helped put this little celebration together.
I love you guys!

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