engaged stuff

Being engaged and planning a wedding are not as fun as the media makes it appear.
They involve stress, frustration, insomnia, fatigue, tears, and more.

But it does have it's upsides, like bridal showers!

I had the my first bridal shower last weekend, and it was lovely. 
I am so blessed to have such a supportive family. Borup and O'Gwin. 

Yes, being engaged does have it's down sides, but let's talk about the upsides too. 
I'm surrounded by loved ones who are excited to celebrate with me, 
I get to enjoy my last moments of not being utterly newly-wed poor, 
and Zane and I get to be silly, flirty, and obnoxiously affectionate before we grow old together and mature into a different kind of love.  

life is good. being engaged is good.

Thanks again to my family for such a wonderful shower last Saturday!


  1. Is it over? Can I come? Be right there.

  2. Okay you are so dang cute. Obsessed with you. Love you.