Family Night

Zane's professor gave the class a Halloween break yesterday. So I was pretty excited that Zane could finally come to a Borup family night!

Family night with us consists of eating out, and occasionally, a small church related thought.
Last night was strictly eating out.
(A truly adult way to celebrate, proof I'm ready for marriage?)
PF Changs hit the spot. 

Did I once write the search for my "hot" wedding bod had begun?? weeeell. 
That apparently was a lie. 
{not completely my fault due to the fact ALYSHA LANHAM is the worst personal trainer ever :) }
Zane still thinks I'm pretty though, so it's okay.

We took a picture of the occasion in the bright bright sun. 

We then watched "Drag Me to Hell", one of Zane's favorite horror movies, with some of the O'Gwin family. 
Nate left 1/3 of the way into it, he didn't want bad dreams. 
I, on the other hand, stuck it out the whole time just to discover it had the worst ending EVER! 
But I still think you should watch it.

56 days and counting peeps. 

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  1. Ryan is obsessed with that movie and I seriously think it is horrible. I can't wait for the big day!!! I am so happy for myself.