Guess who came home last night?!

Miss Hillary Ann!
Finally home from her 4 month service abroad!
And who greeted her at the airport?! none other than her best friends, and family of course. 

We were so excited waiting for hill to come out. Our little hearts were pounding like she was our missionary. We just love each other is all. 
She had no idea we were coming to meet her there, so she was definitely surprised when she turned the corner to see us all standing there. And because she didn't know we would be there with cameras, taking all sorts of pictures, she also didnt have a spec of makeup on. But she was beautiful, as always of course. 

We're so excited to have her home!

And she is so excited to have her car...
haha completely candid. 

After we got home, we all sat around at hills house and talked about Ecuador for a couple hours. We also got some presents. Hill gave us each a cozy blanket especially picked out with the colors we requested. She's the best!

And most important event of the night...

Added stickers to the poster of course!

I'm so happy to have Hill home. I can't wait to have my bestie in Orem with me.
And even though I didn't get home last night till 2 in the morning, and I had to wake up for work at 7, picking her up from the airport was worth it.


  1. Ah! This is the best! Glad our hilly is home!

  2. Talk to me about where you got your shoes

  3. um, yes that is the cutest picture of you girls hugging!