Brooke Date

I have the best boy ever.
After I've had a rough night, full of unnecessary tears, Zane takes me out on a Brooke date.
Which means he chooses activities that he knows I really want to do, regardless of how he feels.
We ate at Five Guys, cause he knew I was craving it.
Then took me to my favorite place in the world, Yogurtland. Even though he says it smells like estrogen.
And then to finish it off, we went and saw Footloose. A pretty much girl movie he knew I wanted to see, that I absolutely loved!

He knows how to cheer me up pretty quick. That's why we're gettin' Hitched.


  1. Hahah smells like estrogen. I can't believe how long your hair is!!

  2. yay for love.

    this is delayed but our wendy's run-in was lovely.