Since I got engaged, all of my money goes into the bank.
Straight into savings, or used for marriage related things.
Although, I do find marriage shopping fun, my inner Nordstrom online shopaholic  has begun to slip out here and there.
The new twist on the addiction that makes it all okay is, now I'm addicted to picking out cute stuff for the future hublub.
Which is basically selfless.

And in all honesty, he needs some clothes.
He hasn't bought himself a winter coat since before his mission, and he is 25!
And I'm pretty sure I see every shirt cycle through within 2 weeks.
He is going to freeze his little buns off if I don't donate to the cause!

Plus, I ALWAYS make my selections from the sale department okay!?

So the census is, pure, selfless, necessary service.
Momentary guilt, gone.

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