it's a good life

Lets talk about 2 different events that are making me a very happy girl...

Zane and I got our first wedding gift! Two of my favorite aunts, Launa and Tammy, can't make it to my shower on Saturday, but they save lives for a living so it's okay.
And because they are the best, they still wanted to celebrate with me, so they were kind enough to take me out to dinner. We ate at CPK, and chatted for an hour or so.It was lovely, and on my way out they gave me two gifts to take home to my hubs-to-be to open together.
We were pretty excited. Although my family has been more than helpful already. My parents, and my grandparents have already donated time, gifts, and money into creating my perfect home. This was our first "official" gift, wrapped and all.
It felt like a historical moment, so we took a picture.

A vacuum and comforter have never been so exciting.
And if I look like I've been crying, it's because I had. I was just missing my dad that night, okay?! 

This morning at work I discovered I won this little competition they hold at my job! I was pretty proud, and I went to collect what I thought would be a dinky little prize. It turns out my job is pretty awesome, and I won a $50 gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond! Hello, that's where I'm registered! 
I am pretty sure it was fate.

And even though I went to work without a lick of make-up on and slicked my hair back, I had to take a picture of this moment.

Needless to say, I'm having a good day. 
Hope you are too!

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