A Borup Day

Saturday was a Borup day.
Zane and I spent all day long with my side of the family, and they kept us busy. 

First we had my cousin Mandy's baptism at 11. Her older brother, and my cute cousin Tyler got to baptize her, and it was pretty special to be apart of the event. Zane got to participate in her confirmation, which was also really special. 
After, we celebrated with the family, and ate the most delicious homemade tacos. 
Definitely gave Del a run for their money. 

This would be beautiful Miss Mandy

After we managed to all nap for a little bit, and then we were up and on to the next item of business. 
My cute mom made an appointment at "The Chocolate" for some taste testing for my wedding. 
Needless to say, it was delicious. Their sugar cookies are my newest obsession. I think The Chocolate will replace Yogurtland just fine for the winter season. 
You can try them for yourselves at my reception.

Isn't my boy so dang cute?!

After the chocolate we made a trip to Roberts, and Home Depot. Bought a few marriage necessities here and there, and then we were off to BYU. 
It was my sisters first appearance in the improv comedy show Laugh Out Loud.
So of course, the whole family went to support. 
We had a lot of fun, and Bri did such a great job. Who knows where she got the desire, or the talent, but she's got it. 

She was a little unsure if she was glad we were there or not

We love each other lots. 

The first picture of the new full fam-bam. 

It was a real busy, but perfect little saturday. 

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  1. So cute! You and your mom are twins. I know you get it all the time but seriously.