Not planning my wedding.

I truly hate planning my wedding.
It is not fun.
Planning this wedding makes me feel like I am crazy. Like need to be institutionalized crazy.
My poor fiance is probably wondering what he got himself into...
And my mom probably debates whether or not she is willing to pay for her crazy mean daughter to get married after all.
Did I mention it also makes me mean?
It does.

BUT lucky for me, I have an amazingly talented and cute aunt Rachel who basically has agreed to help me do everything! And by help me, I mean I nod my head yes or no as she makes everything fall into place.
Going over to her house to talk with her was the biggest stress relief you can imagine.
She has basically saved lives.

And while I was over there, my sister and I got to play with some of the cutest cousins in the whole world. Cuter than yours. So I took some pictures.

Same Same!

I hope my babies turn out as cute as miss Megan. 

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