#1 & #2

Reason #1 for agreeing to marry Zane...

His mind is always in service mode. "What can he do to serve me?" Sometimes that exact sentence will leave his mouth, often followed by a foot rub.
And sometimes he serves without being asked.
Like when I spend all night at a Taylor Swift concert, meaning I got not even close to enough sleep, and have to get up for work the next morning at 6. I get to my car and find this...

Which brings me to reason #2...

He knows me too well! Of course he knows the only way for me to stay awake at work after a rough night is Mountain Dew for breakfast. 
mmm healthy. 
Plus some flowers and my favorite candy never hurt. 

I'm feeling a little inadequate to be his fiance lately. Gotta step it up. 

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  1. He sounds amazing brooke. I am so excited for you. Absolutely stunning ring by the way!