Blonde Haired Engagements (kind of)

So I'm not sure if anyone told you, but weddings are expensive.
You have a running total you'd like to spend on the whole shebang and you think, "Awesome. I can totally do this."
And then you start making a budget for your expenses, all of which are of course necessities to create your "dream wedding", and then you realize, you're going to have to get a little more realistic...

This is where having your sister take your engagements comes in.
Photographers are ridiculously expensive. So if you only hire a professional one for your groomals, and wedding, you get to save a little money.

I highly suggest asking a family member, if she/he has a good camera and can see because...
A. It's free
B. You get all the copies of all your pictures
C. You get unlimited amount of time to take your pictures. No limit on locations, hours, or outfit changes.
D. You feel super comfortable, so you have a lot of fun the whole time.

And since I've had some requests to get a better picture of the blonde hair, I've decided to share some of the pictures. None of the ones we are actually considering for the announcement, but some of the ones we like just for us.
Maybe another time I will post the contenders for the announcement so I can get some opinions, but as for now, you can enjoy my non-annoucement favorites.
Keep in mind they are still unedited, which is why you get glimpses of my lovely zit. 

He was getting a little tired of the picture taking, so he kept saying "Cheese!" and would smile really cheesy, as seen above. 

It was such a fun day.
So I can admit that the lighting isn't always perfect, and some outfits washed us out more than others, but having Bri take these for us may be the best decision I've made yet. Besides the choosing of companion, of course. 
I am SO SO grateful that I have such a supportive and helpful family during this stressful, but amazing time. 

Thank you so dang much for taking time out of your schedule to take all these for us! We had so much fun, and we think you did a great job. 
You're the best sister a girl could ask for! 
I love you.



  1. Girl I'm loving the 7th picture so much! Well I love them all of course. But that one is my favorite!

  2. The last picture is soo cute and i really like the first one.

    Your sister did a great job! :)

  3. So I'm totally blog stalking...congratulations on the engagement btw. I sent your dad a fb message and told him I do wedding flowers. Wedding flowers can be so pricey you wont even believe it! Any way, I give all my peeps wholesale pricing and then just charge for labor. Soooo if you don't have a wedding florist let me know if I can help you out!

  4. I agree with cease. the 7th one is my favorite! can't wait to see the rest. You are beautiful best friend. AND IM LOVING THE BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!love you

  5. Cute! Doesn't hurt that you are super photogenic!