Other Than Zane

Last night I went to dinner with my best friends.
Everyone, except for Hillary in Ecuador, was able to come! It was a lot of fun to have everyone together.
Not that I don't LOVE spending time with Zaner, it just never hurts to have a little girl time. 
I am so grateful for my beautiful grilfriends.

More proof that I do spend time with more people than just my fiance, I went on a walk with my cute sis and pooch today. 
We decided we are going to go on a walk every Friday afternoon, starting today. 
Even though poor Dallas is getting old, and was limping the whole time, she still seemed to love it. 
It was some good QT! 

And don't we look gooooooood??
I did wear socks with my Toms. Not sure why that happened.


Cool little bush home, and uuh isn't my pooch the cutest!?

Happy Weekend!

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