Matt Nathanson

Way back in the beginning of August, I bought some Matt Nathanson concert tickets for Zane's birthday.
I remember the day I told my mom, I was buying the tickets about 3 months in advance, and she said to me, "That's putting a lot of faith in your relationship, isn't it?"
And now look at us, the concert has finally arrived, and not only are we still together but betrothed :)
Life is funny sometimes. Not really in a ha-ha sort of way, but a beautiful coincidental kind of way.

While we waited outside The Venue, some slightly tipsy, but friendly 40 year old divorced mom sisters started to make friends with us. They kept saying over and over how cute we were, sometimes they would clutch my chin while they said it.
They kept telling me I looked like Mena Suvari too. Except I mostly don't, see?

Well, I thought it was funny, but I think Zane was getting a little irritated, especially when they continued to tell us, "Just don't get married!"
I held up my ring. They asked us how old we were, and freaked out a little bit when I said I was 19. And then asked us if we were getting married in the LDS temple, and we said yes, and yet again they were disappointed.
When they got distracted with hitting on the younger boys in front of us, the sweetest couple behind us, a little older than the drunk sisters said, "Don't listen to them. We're going on 25 years, and I got married the week before I turned 19. When you find 'em, you've just got to hold on."
Zane and I thought the whole interaction was pretty cool.
And who do you think we listened to, the drunk , divorced, 40 somethin women, hitting on 20 somethin boys? Or the happy, nice, married couple out on a date night to a concert together?
No contest there.
It's baffling to me that the world doesn't see it the same way...

Anyway, we did finally make it inside. It was such an amazing concert, one of the best I've been to in awhile.
Matt, as Zane calls him, is a really talented artist. He put together some really cool medleys. And surprisingly, kept the concert really clean. No swearing, and hardly any references to sex.
Also, Fun Fact for you, Matt Nathanson's drummer is from little old OREM!
We thought that was neat.

After the concert we got some "Brinner", as the O'Gwin's say, at Village Inn and then went to bed.
It was a  much needed perfect date night.

And here is a little glimpse for ya...

Sorry it's kinda loud in there, so the sound is basically terrible.


  1. SOOOOO jealous!! i couldn't go... :( i'm sure he was AMAZING. ugh. he is my fave.

  2. you do look like her not a lot though!

  3. I can totally see how you look like Mena Survari. Especially in this photo.

  4. that sounds like a great show, I'd love to see Matt Nathanson in concert. you should check out Brent Anderson..i think you would "Amy's Song" https://www.brentandersonmusic.com/