mushy meant-to-be details

I'm blogging twice in one day, cause I'm in a Zane mood, okay?!
It's fine. 

When Zane saw me for the first time, in person, it was at graduation 2011. 
I was there for CC, and he was there for his little sister Catie. 
I never saw him, but since he was already Facebook creepin' on me, he was able to spot me. 

And then, lo and behold, he, and the rest of my future family, shows up in the background of all my pictures. 

And the 2nd conversation we ever had went something like this...

    • So you might think I'm a big creep BUT I'm pretty sure I saw you yesterday...

    • haha really?! Im guessing at graduation?

    • yup haha
    • and I thought hey I know her...kinda...haha

    • I saw Nate, but I didn't see you. Im sorry for not creepin back

    • I dont know if you need to apologize for that :)

    • Im surprised you recognized me ina crowd

    • yeah me too...
    • I dont know even know if it was you..honestly but I think it was
    • I promise I'm a stand up young man...not a creep...I'm just observant ??..

    • well was I cute?

    • haha the girl that I saw was beautiful ;)

    • haha ah well than, lets hope it was me

    • but you cant exactly take credit for it because I'm still not 100 % it was you ;) haha

    • haha ah I was hoping you would let me get away with that

    • if you think back to when you saw nate...if you can remember an extremely handsome man hanging out with him..
    • that was probably our other brother..
    • and then if you can think back to who was next to our brother there was a radiant glowing almost hard to look at young man...
    • that was me ;)

    • is that one you?
    • why are you glowing? haha

    • because i'm pure and not a creep..
    • creeps cant glow

    • hahaha I dont think you are creepin

    • ok
    • good!
    • haha ya know I realize that I'm only a percent of the funny that I am on chat compared to reality
    • just fyi

    • youre funnier in person?

    • almost too funny...

    • thats hard to imagine, cause you had me literally laughing out loud a second ago
    • so you're doin okay

    • well that is fantastic then

    • if I ever see you in person, there is a lot of pressure on you now

    • i'm not scared.....
    • i'm pretty brave

    • oh yeah. youre just pointing out all your great qualities arent ya

    • if there is one thing i'm good at...its bravery
    • hahaha
    • I cant act like this its hard to be a db
    • haha

    • hahaha

    • I dont even know you and I'm already showing how weird I am haha
    • I cant believe myself sometimes

    • haha might as well get it out in the open

    • i suppose

    • I would figure it out eventually right

    • haha well maybe
    • I'll tell you what...

    • I'm going to show you how brave I am...

    • here is my number 801.555.5555... ( I inserted fake number for Zanes protection)
    • I'm giving this to a stranger
    • (you)
    • and I could be prank called

    • thats the act of bravery?

    • YAH
    • are you kidding
    • i'm shaking right now

    • wouldn't it be braver of me to actually use that number

    • mmm...maybe

It's hard to say who is the bigger nerd...
Regardless, in the end, I gave him my number, and he called me two days later to ask me on our first date.
I was seconds away from ignoring his call, because that's what I always do, when suddenly my finger was pressing the answer button.
He asked me how I felt about ice cream, I lied and said I loved it, and we made plans for Tuesday evening.

And that my friends is where the obsession started for him.
I, to no surprise, didn't catch on till our second date.
Always one step behind Zane, story of my life :)


  1. hahah too cute. he's so funny....same old zane!

  2. Haha I love that he is in the back of the picture!