Where it Started

Since this is soon going to be the blog of Brooke AND Zane, I think everyone should get a little more background knowledge.

Lets start at the very beginning...

Well Zane's family wants him to date a nice girl.
I mean, he is 24 and not married, practically a menace to society, right?!
So Nate, his younger brother, and my good friend in high school, with a stroke of genius/divine intervention, suggests he dates ME!
Shows him some pictures on FB of me, Zane thinks I'm kinda cute, so Nate tells Zane to add me as a friend.
But Zane thinks that adding me as a friend out of no where, is super weird, so Zane tells Nate to tell me to add him.
Ya following me?
So Nate sends me a "friend suggestion" on Facebook, to add Zane.
But I also think it's super weird to just add a guy on FB, especially when he is older and I think he is kinda attractive.
BUT, this is where fate steps in, somehow I don't read the friend suggestion clearly, I think Zane added me and I am simply accepting. So I click "add", truly thinking I am clicking "accept"
Soon there after I realize my mistake and feel pretty stupid. But it's not long before Zane sends me a little message.
And it went as follows...
except I am pretty sure the smiley emotocons are inaccurate... ignore them.

    • I dont think I know you... But I see you are friends with my brother and I love him so... I thought I would say hi:)

    • haha yeah I dont think you do, but me and Nate were buds back in the day, so HI :)

    • Oh well that's legit! :) I see that you just had a birthday...as I'm now creepin haha...so happy late bday:)

    • hahaha always happy to have another stalker :) thank you

    • Hey you added me as the friend so...you only did this to yourself ;) haha

    • haha I guess thats true. so bring it on

    • Oh well now it's not fun anymore ;)

    • haha oh shoot. how come?

    • you just took all the secretiveness out of the stalking haha...

    • haha Im sorry, I was trying to make you feel less creepy than you obviously are:)

    • oh dang!... well thankyou? Hahaha you're so considerate of "creeps"

    • haha I do what I can
    • but it looks like I just ruined it for you

    • Yeah... I think you've made me change my ways... Maybe:)

    • well now that we are basically best friends, it takes the creepiness down quite a few notches.

    • Ok good! :)
    • Well, Brooke, my new friend it was very nice to meet you!

Oh we must have thought we were pretty flirty and clever...

And that my friends, is where it started.
And here we are 3 months later, betrothed :)
Thanks to Nate, and good ol' FB.

I'm telling you, the more Zane and I look over the last 3 months, the more we honestly think our forever was meant to be.
Maybe as I share some mushy relationship details you'll agree with me.