The Story..

Once upon a time,
 "a worthy, honorable, priesthood holder crossed my path and caught my eye".
And so we dated for a couple months, and then we fell in love.
Once in love, it was inevitable that the M word would come up. So I waited patiently for it...
And then it came. And then pretty suddenly, we weren't only talking about it, we were flat out planning it.
I even had the chance to go look at pretty rings, and I fell in love with one little gem in particular.
The problem was, it was going to be a couple of weeks before the ring would be ready to be on my finger.
So I was 100% positive that I wouldn't be able to officially announce anything for awhile. And I had come to terms with that.

So when the boyfriend takes me to see the temple and go to dinner on a Friday night, I don't have any suspicions.
First, because Zane is like that. He would, has, and will continue to take me on random romantic dates all the time. So it doesn't seem too out of the ordinary.
Second, I was positive that the ring wasn't ready.

So there we are, walking around the temple we know we will be sealed in, in less than 3 months. (pretty ring or not, the plans had already been made)
So you can picture being there with me, I'll let you know it looked something like this...

And so we walk down to a flower bed, to get a better view of the temple, for my picture taking self. And we stand there lookin', and he gives me a hug and says...
"Isn't it crazy we're where we will be getting married in 3 months?"
And I say, "Yeah"
And then he pulls away a little and says "And isn't it crazy we're standing in the exact place I proposed to you??"
And I hit him in the chest, about to say something about it not being funny to joke about that, but I don't get anything out before he is on his knee pulling out a little black box. 
And he says something like "Brooke will you be my wife?"
And I think I said "Yes." 
But honestly, your mind is thinking so many things, the details get a little hazy.
But the point is he asked, and I agreed. 

And we stand there hugging, shaking a little, and giggling a bit, staring at my finger, and we take some more pictures. 

Exactly where I was standing :)

pretty ring, in a pretty box

Absolutely adore it. 

Then we go off to dinner at Chillis, my favorite!
And continue to text everyone we know, and announce it on FB.
(I am back on FB, byyyy the way.)

And then we go tell all our families. 
And take a few more pictures...
Looking back, would I have liked to maybe do my hair, and worn something that looked a little better with Zane's outfit? Probably. 

and thats the story!
Now that it's out, I will have so much fun being able to share more on this little blog about our little life.

Like how I despise planning a wedding...

Also, need a new title to incorporate Zane. 
The winning idea will win 1 million dollars. 


  1. this is wonderful.

    so, so wonderful.

  2. So, I read this and thought " A name for her blog incorporating the Hubby, hmmm." AND came up with a lame, lame answer. "Just BuZy" Because, that way you get to kind of keep your old blog name, but your also adding the hubby, and because your life is so busy! hahah. Just a thought.

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