Celebrating Those Pioneers

The weather was kind of crazy tonight. A little rain storm came out of no where!
But that didn't stop us from celebrating the 24th,
well it didn't stop the boys.

Nate, Sagan, Zane, and I bought a bunch of fireworks, but then it started raining. The plan was to just set off one or two and save the rest for tomorrow when hopefully the weather would be better, but of course, the boys quickly went through everything we bought.
{The best kept firework secret, giant "Lady Bugs". Look into it.}

The girls stayed dry on the porch with our sparklers,

And by the end of the night, our crazy boys were soaked. 
{"okay boys, act like you love each other", "Well we DO!" laughter follows, as you can see by Nate's face}

Despite the crazy weather it was a lot of fun. 
Nate and Zane are a hoot when they get together. 
Alone they are both quirky little guys, but get them together and its like their weirdness feeds off each other. 
They quickly become more entertaining than any firework. 
They're quite a pair, you gotta love 'em.

little conversation clip from tonight:

Me: "Seriously, they are so weird."
Sagan: "and they are all ours."

oh gosh.