Thoughts Before a Nap

It's funny how things work out.
It's also funny the way they don't.

People always say that "everything happens for a reason", and "it will all turn out the way it's supposed to in the end", but it continues to surprise me how true that really is.

I caught up with a really special friend over texting today; the communication of our generation today, pathetic.
And as we caught up on each others lives, me not returning to USU, and his recent engagement, we congratulated each other on the others happiness, especially his upcoming nuptials.
He very sweetly said to me, "If I hadn't already been in love when I met you, I would have wanted there to be something between us. You were a great friend and we always got along really well. You're guy is lucky."

I started to cry.
First, because I'm a woman and it is that time, but mostly because it was sweet, and I think it's beautiful the way god puts every persons journey together, specified to their wants and needs.
There are so many pathways to the right destination, none better than the next, but I do believe there is one specific one meant for everyone.
I know I'm on my pathway, and my friend is on his, but it is really cool to get a glimpse of an alternate pathway. One that for one reason or another just didn't quite fit.

It is no coincidence the way things all seem to fall into place.
The time that people cross or join your path. The paths you cross, or choose to avoid completely. The bumps, dips, and steep hills.
Everything is too ironic, too easy, or too perfect to have happened simply on accident.
And I think that's pretty beautiful.

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