I took the day off of the BF yesterday so I could spend time with Lindsey Lou.

And we discovered that two girls experiencing "that time of the month" at the same time, and long discussions on big life decisions doesn't exactly equal a cheery time.

So with our less than upbeat attitudes, we made some crafts, watched a movie, and got some sonic drinks {tradition}. It might not have been one of our better nights, but spending time with Linds is important to me. For better or for worse.

Not our finest hour, but it had to be documented nonetheless. 

This is my craft. one of them anyway. Stole the idea off Pinterest.
I am going through a bit of a pink phase. It'll look super cute when my room is all put together.  
Don't judge my craft skills. I am new at the whole thing. 

To pick up my spirits a little bit, this afternoon I finally made it to Cycle Tone at Golds for the first time in 2 weeks. 
It felt sooo good to be back. If you guys haven't tried cycling, I highly suggest it.
Alysha came too, which made it all the more fun! I miss her and our old gym time together. Not to forget my Uncle B was there too. 
A perfect work out if I do say so myself. 
Nothing makes me happier faster than a good sweat.

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  1. Spinning is good for the meh's! Plus you had perfect form! Who can beat that?!