Hiking to the Y

It's me again.
Twice in one day, I know, going through FB withdrawals.
But I have more pictures to share!

CC, Lindsey, and I decided on Thursday that we were going to hike to the Y on Saturday morning.

We have grown up in Utah our whole lives, well me and CC have, and we see that white Y every single day. Pathetically, neither of us have ever hiked to it before. And we decided it was time we changed that.
So we woke up at the crack of dawn, 7 AM to be exact, to start our little trek because we wanted to beat the heat.

The hike was harder than I expected it to be, and that might say a lot about the shape I am in, but so be it. 
It was straight up switch backs, and it was hard.  
I never felt like I couldn't do it, but I was more winded and sweaty than expected. We all were!

Cute, tired hikers.

Obviously I brought my Thomas the Train bag

We kinda matched, but not on purpose. 

Gotta love the bun hair. 

When we finally got to the Y, the view was absolutely worth it! Utah Valley looks beautiful from way up there. 
The Y on the other hand looked like dirty, painted rocks,
but it's really about saying you've been there. 
and I HAVE!

Resting at the top

The View!

Such a fun morning with the girls,
We are going to miss Lindsey Lou!!!

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  1. How fun! Last time I hiked the Y it was on a date, so the poor guy had to deal with me wanting to take a break at almost every switch back, haha! I bet going with friends was way more fun :)