Rodeo Drive

The weekend of the fourth as come to an end, and I'm feeling a little sad.

There is always a little bitter note when holidays end, like after you open presents on Christmas.
It's the reality of having to return back to ordinary, magicless days, giving you a little pinch.

I ended my 4th with the O'Gwins at a rodeo.

I have had one prior experience with rodeos that I can remember, and it wasn't a great one. I left early actually.
I am not a huge animal cruelty activist, I'm no member of peta, but something about watching those calf's get roped around the neck and yanked to the ground tugs at my heart strings.
I understand they are okay, and that cowboys love their little farm animals, but lets be honest, it's got to hurt the cows, bulls, and horses at least a little bit.

But I was invited to a rodeo and I wasn't going to be rude and decline, so I went.
I actually had a good time!
Maybe the crowd was bigger, or the music was louder, but I couldn't hear the little calf's yelps of pain this time. And I adopted a new motto,
"if you cant hear 'em crying, then don't worry about 'em."
'em so I sound more like a cowgirl, duh.

And at the end they even had a cool fireworks show, which turns out is all it takes to keep me happy.
It was a fun way to end the holiday.

Silly pictures at the rodeo. If Zane looks like he is about to fall asleep,
 it's because he totally is. 

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  1. Hope you had a good holiday! Being Scottish we don't celebrate 4th of July, so I've been enjoying checking out some American posts. Just hit the follow button to your blog btw! :)