Nothin but Love

Miss Lindsey leaves on Tuesday, so last night we had a little girls night with us "USU girls", meaning the friends that will be up at Utah State together.

Since FB no longer exists for me, get ready for picture overload... 

Lindsey, Catherine, Nikki, and Me!
It's a good group :)

And since lately I have been spending countless hours on Pinterest, I had this collage idea I wanted to get started on so I could have it put together all cute in my new apartment in Logan.
We had a blast messing around with this little idea. We aren't artists, photographers, or models but it was fun and it's going to turn out real cute in the end.

If you know us, you will understand. If you don't, then don't judge haha. 
And no, I am not naked in that last photo. 

And because it is literally an addiction, we went to Yogurtland. YUM.

"Tots the best hun cal fro yo."

And because we are kind of bottomless pits, we also went to Del Taco...
 but, "OUR diet starts tomorrow!"
If you don't know what either of those quotes are from, you must watch the video below, I'm a little ashamed to say this may or may not be me and my friends.
 exaggerated of course...


The point is, I love these days with my friends. They always remind me how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life. It was such a simple night, but it was super fun because of those pretty ladies :)

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  1. Ummmm...can I please be your newest follower because your blog is too cute! Also, I love the "boys will be girls" video...I die laughing every.time. :)