See Ya Hillary!

Tonight was my last night with Hillary before she leaves for Ecuador Thursday morning!

There is literally nothing to do around here with just us two girls, so we got me some dinner, we planned our Pinterest weddings (no need to be alarmed, neither of us are getting married anytime soon, but a girl can dream), and we went to our favorite look-out spot and talked for hours.

It might not have been the most exciting night of our lives, but it was full of laughing, talking, and of course pictures!
It was a perfect way to say goodbye to one of my absolute best friends.

I am going to miss having her around for boring nights like these.
I am going to miss having our long talks.
I am going to miss having the one girl around who just gets me.
We get each other :)

But, I know this is going to be an amazing adventure for her.
And, I am excited to have a new e-mail penpal.

Here are some of our final shots together... try not to tear up.

Isn't she preeeeetty?!

Curb talks, worth the bum pain. 

Obviously the jumping picture had to happen... sorry Zane. 

Best Friends, through thick and thin, forever and always :)

Bye bye HillBo, I'll see you in 4 months.
In the meantime, I promise to be the best penpal you've ever had. 
Take lots of pictures for me, I will be stalking you. 
I lovers you :)

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