Mr. Z

June 7th, I went on my first date with a Mr. Zane O'Gwin.
We got ice cream, and went on a little walk. 
It was pretty much perfect.

But I had a boyfriend, who I liked.
{He knew I was on this date, I was honest, I swear.} 
So after the date was over, I told Zane that he was great, and I'd love to be friends, but no more one on one. 

Then a couple weeks later, and exactly a month ago today, he invited me to a BBQ with some of his friends. 
I didn't find out till much later how much effort went into finding something "groupy" Zane could ask me to do. Apparently we both felt strongly that our first date wouldn't be the last, and he made sure of it. 
This BBQ non-date was even better than our first.

And I have hardly left his side since. 
Thanks to Sagan for always snappin' secret pictures. 
Im standing on a long board, Im not taller than him I swear. 

And I thought it was time I officially introduced you.
This is the boyfriend. 
He is somethin special, and I think you'll like him a lot.
I definitely do. 


  1. Now I'm going to comment back on your comment. I love this. We definitely need to catch up. I'll be your best friend when your bf isn't available. I think I'm going to text you now.

  2. well, since we're being honest here.

    Zane IS a keeper. and his family is a definite added bonus. be good to him:)

  3. Please bring him to St.George so I can meet him...!!!!!!