Bye Bye Best Friends

Lindsey got the job she interviewed for in Logan, which is pretty amazing for her, but it means that she has to move to Logan in about a week, for the rest of the summer, which basically sucks for me.
Hillary is moving to Ecuador in about a week till November, which is even more amazing, but also really sucks for me.

Granted the three of us spend a lot of our days apart from each other even when we're home, but the comfort of having them so close has been a blessing since we were neighbors in Snow Hall.
I am excited for both of them, but I am going to miss having them around so much it hurts to think about a little bit.

Luckily there are a few other people, who kind of love me, who are willing to keep me occupied for the rest of the summer...

I think Some QT with my Catherine..

And being serenaded by Zanela,

Will keep me happy enough to get by.

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