Pen Paling

I forgot to mention, I received my first e-mail from this young lady today...

Why not use a random Nickel City picture?!

Miss Bodine FINALLY e-mailed me back today and I was so excited when I saw her name in my inbox.

Seriously. I was giddy. Like girl waiting for her missionary's e-mail giddy. 
When I read parts of her e-mail out loud to my mom, I got choked up. Real tears welling in my eyes. 

Which seems kind of weird, and a little dramatic now that I wrote it out like that...
Nonetheless, it's the truth. 

She is alive and safe {we pray} in Ecuador. 
She is absolutely loving it, and I am absolutely proud of her. 
I am also absolutely missing her. 


is where you can find her, and learn more about her adventure. 
but it's private.. so you will have to work that out with her through e-mail. 

Pen Pals are too much fun, everyone should have them.
But you can't have mine. 


  1. You forgot to mention we are pen pals, hello. I wish her blog wasn't privskis so I could read!!

  2. give me your email. we will be blogger pen pals jo!