I decided the 30 days is boring me.
I will come back to it when I am desperate.

Since I quit FB, I have found my picture taking to be lacking.
So, I made a conscious effort to pick up the slack these past two days.
And I know those of you who used to creep on me are curious for a little update, and I am a people pleaser sooo.... let's talk!

Braden is near and dear to me, but since we both have our own busy lives {both meaning mostly him} we don't get together that often. Usually I get 10 min visits once a week or so, but this week I talked him into coming to dinner with my family.
Some days I'm convinced my family loves him more than they love me.
I'm okay with it.
We went to China Lilly. The food was delicious, and the company was perfect.

Hillary leaves for her cruise in 2 days, and Lindsey leaves for Lake Powell tomorrow. So I tried to get in some quality time with my besties before they deserted me in Orem.
Yogurtland with Hill obviously. It is our new addiction.

Then Lindsey and I made a little trip to Logan. She had a job interview, and didn't want to make the drive all by her lonesome, naturally being the amazing friend I am, I agreed to wake up at 7:30 and go with her. 
It wasn't bad at all, we had good car talks like always. 
Plus, it turns out Logan is really beautiful this time of year. 

And tonight I got my first taste of 4th of July fever with the O'Gwin family. 
The 4th has rarely been a big holiday for my family, we are more birthday and christmas people, but it's a big hit with the O'Gwins. 
Basically as early as it is legal, they are setting off fireworks. 
They actually take them apart, or tape them up, and turn them into little homemade bombs. 
Even though I had a deadly encounter with a homemade bomb gone wrong, {I was literally saved by a boy's quick reflex to swat a firework from hitting me in the face}, and I had a gas bomb explode all over me, I had a lot of fun.

Pretty neat huh?!

Crazy fun brothers

More on this to come...