Pure Perfection

Tonight was easily the best night I have had up here at USU, so it's just perfectly coincidental that it landed on the last weekend of the year.

USU had one of their better ideas when they decided to pay for Sean Kingston to come give us a little concert. a FREE concert.
They shut down the main road on campus, and set up a stage in the middle of the street. The turn out was huge, we definitely had to fight our way into the middle of the mosh-pit. Lucky for me, I have years of Rocket Summer concerts that have made me a regular old pro at getting in, and staying in the pit.

After Sean preformed, we are on a first name basis like that, the pit turned into a dance floor. And that dance turned into the best dance of my life, and the combination of both easily turned into one of my favorite nights in my life.

It's nights like these that make me want to cry when I think about this year ending. I wish I could put into words how it makes me feel. There were moments where I clearly remember looking around at the falling snow, campus, and my grinning best friends and thinking "Tonight is something special. Tonight is something I will remember"
I only wish there was someway I could really capture the euphoria everyone was so obviously feeling. I didn't, but I did try.
With photos of course :)

Before the sweating really started :)

The Pit! and that blur on stage would be Mr. Kingston

The best friends, and the sweaty hair. mostly mine. 

I love nights like these that make me really appreciate all my blessings. I'm young, life is fun, probably easier than it should be, I have amazing people in my life, and awesome opportunities that become perfect memories. 

I have realized and come to embrace the fact that sometimes I have to put the camera down, stop thinking, and just be in the moment. 
Perfection can really only be captured in memory, and thats the way it should be. 

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