The Hearts Cure for the Perma-Grumpy

So I have been stuck in perma-grumpy mode since friday afternoon.
Don't ask my why, there is no reason someone as blessed as me should have any reason to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, yet sometimes I do.
And at the worst of times, I stay on the wrong side for days.

Then my friends really love me...

But I found the cure today.

The sun was shining, like 60 degrees out shining. I pretended I knew how to play volleyball and football with my best friends for hours. 
Darren told me my football toss was the 2nd girliest he has ever seen, which I took as a compliment. 
And after a couple of hours, Im pretty sure my toss was the 6th girliest. 
Progress people. 

Then I went to lunch with the girls. 
Which was followed by watching Gilmore Girls, my go to quick fix.
And ended with me letting go. I just relaxed. Stoped worrying. And did whatever my heart told me it wanted.
She has a mind of her own sometimes. For those of you who know me, I am definitely ruled by the logic of my mind.
Well actually I've always been a heart on my sleeve kinda of girl. It runs in the family.
But you know those decisions where your heart screams to do one thing, yet your mind is telling you the exact opposite. And you KNOW your mind is right this time.
Somehow the heart's desire still wins, despite your best efforts.

That doesn't happen to me.
In that situation, my mind always wins. I've let the heart win one too many times in my younger years, and I learned my lesson the hard way. Lead with your head girls, not your heart.

But how unromantic, uninspiring, and opposite of spontaneous is that?!

So tonight, I didn't listen.
(lets hope that doesn't come back and bite me in the butt later)

Who knew finally letting my heart win would cheer me up?
I guess you can't always depend on the brain to come up with all the right answers. 

The conclusion is, Perma-grumpy is gone.
Now I can focus on the much needed SUMMER that starts in a week!

A summer with these head-bunned, and make-up-less beauties 

Can't Wait. 

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