Sometimes when it seems like everyone and their dog are engaged, or already married, I wish I was too. I start day dreaming about a big old diamond and a cute husband to take adorable engagement pictures with. 
That's when I try on fake wedding rings at Target and make my sister watch me try on my mom's wedding dress and take ridiculous bridal shots in the living room...

Then I really think about it and... NAAAAAH!
Not for me, not right now. 

I am too busy bein' young and silly

{Note to all the married readers out there, Congrats! I am very happy for you, hopefully you'll pray that one day I reach the same maturity level as you. Cause let me tell ya, it's not lookin' good.}

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  1. NO rush. I waited till I was almost 23, which isn't very old, but it seemed a lot older than 19. I needed a few years to grow up and learn a lot about myself. Enjoy these years. They won't come back. I still look back on my single college years as some of the very best of my life!