Nineteen Till I Die?

I turned the big 1-9 on Friday.

19 is really an under-appreciated age. Everyone celebrates the 16th, 18th, 21st, and 40th big, but what about 19?!
It's the last year of my teenage years and that is slightly depressing and a BIG DEAL people!

I have never been one for big, fancy plans for my birthday. I usually let them come, and go without too much of a fuss, but this year I wanted to celebrate!
And I did.

Before I left for the trip to St. George I mentioned prior to this post, I was surprised by my parents with another birthday gift besides my little road trip.
4 tickets to TAYLOR SWIFT! Tswizzle, if you will.
I could not have been more surprised, and I could not be more excited about this.

Go ahead and judge me for my taste in music. She's mainstream, I didn't discover her at some indie venue, she's country, She dances awkwardly and is tall as a string bean, but I LOVE her. Her cheesy, adorable, catchy songs could be the soundtrack to my life.
(and every other teenage girl)
I appreciate an underground band, with an oddly handsome lead singer, who's voice stands out from the rest of the crowd as much as the next girl, but I love me some Taylor Swift and I am not afraid to say it.

So a big thank you to my Mom and Dad for surprising me with this PERFECT present!

Back to the vacation at hand, St. George.
I left thursday morning with my besties, Hillary and Lindsey. 4 hours of straight rain, and 1 dead bird later, we arrived!
Unpacked in our lovely little condo, and waited for the boys to join us from Zion.
waited, waited, and waited.
They arrived relatively late and we hot tubbed and swam while we could before the pool closed for the night. Then after we all cleaned up, Lindsey made me a delicious angel food cake with strawberries at midnight to celebrate my Bday!

Hot tubbin 

My Strawberry Cake

Next day we woke up, made a yummy birthday breakfast of french toast and fruit that we ate on our cute little balcony. Then we made our way to the pool. Where we laid out, and procrastinated jumping into the pool. Darren thought our concerns about diving into the water were so entertaining he decided to video the process.
(working on getting that posted)
After hours at the pool, we came in, cleaned up and headed out for my birthday dinner and movie. We ate at Outback and saw Thor, which was kind of weird, and cheesy but it made me laugh and anxious for The Avengers.
Home, sleep.

The Big Breakfast

Nothin Better

My ABSOLUTE Besties! 

Saturday we were supposed to wake up and hit the pool around 10, but nobody wanted to wake up. Instead, we all slept in and rolled out of bed around noon got ready for the day and decided to make a mini trip to Vegas! 
We walked the strip for awhile, went inside Caesars Palace, visited the little aquarium, the shops and ate some dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory. We also made a trip to the outlets and did a little shopping.
Drove back to St. Geezey that night with the windows rolled down and music blasting, feeling perfectly content.
Sadly, when we got back we hung out for a little over an hour and then the boys had to drive back to Zion and the girls went to bed. 


Cheese Cake

Caesars Palace

Shopping with the ladies

The boy enjoying the warm wind

Nasty girls goin to sleep. Wait, what what?

Sunday was simply pack up, clean up, drive home. 

It was a perfect birthday :)

I'll be impressed if you actually read through this instead of skimming and looking at pictures, I realize it was a rather lengthy entry. Sorraaay. 


  1. Wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that's the sound of pure jealousy! I must see Taylor before I die, I repeat I MUST!!!!!!!!! Glad you had a good Bday!