I've discovered my latest craze, reconnecting with old friends.

Let me introduce (and reintroduce) you to some people I have rekindled the flame with recently...

She was my best friend my sophomore year of high school, well to be perfectly honest there was a point where she was my only friend... Those painful, slightly awkward and mostly embarrassing memories are not something we are going to revisit here, but we can talk about the lady who stood by me through it all, Lyss. 
After a slow fizzle of the friendship, and a few years of rarely talking, we are back on track. She is all grown up, out on her own, has an adorable boyfriend, and is the funnest/easiest person to talk to. 
Even after all this time, we know that we are going to love each other no matter what. 
The more we screw up, the better the stories are over our traditional chilli's lunch.

{We both looked a little rascally tonight, so naturally we covered our faces for the photo}

I've introduced you to her before, but I have underestimated how much I love CC. Since I am home for the summer, I get the privilege of seeing this girl pretty much whenever she can fit me into her schedule. And let me tell ya, the "friendship is just kicking off", to quote the exact words she just texted me.
She is hilarious, more adorable than ever, and still holds my heart :)
This summer, and next semester, are looking up with this little treat back in my life. 

This stud right here, is Landon. We have been friends for a long time now, but recently we have been talking and spending more time with each other than ever and I am LOVING it. 
He is the most genuine and kind nut I have ever met. Not to mention, he is constantly making me laugh, and saving me from boredom on a regular basis. 

Life is good when you have these people around. 

Go rekindle some old flames people, it's good for you :)

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