Hillary Ann Bodey-Bode

Hey everybody, THIS is my friend Hillary.

And yesterday was this little treat's birthday!

It has become somewhat of a tradition on this little blog to do birthday shout out's to my loved ones. And let me tell ya, this girl is LOVED. 

This gem is near and dear to me. We have been friends since we were little girls in Joy School, we became best friends in the last couple years of high school, but things got real serious second semester up here at Utah State. 

I wouldn't have survived this semester at school without her. 
When Alysha moved out to get married, I was positive the rest of the year was going to be misery.
Hillary is one of a few special angels I'm convinced were sent to USU for me.

She is absolutely beautiful. She is talented. She is an amazing friend. 
Those who don't know her very well usually think she is quiet, and often mistake her sexy, cold stare for a dirty look. 
But those lucky enough to really get to know her get to see how silly, hilarious, sensitive, and fun she really is. 
Nothing can make me laugh harder than when the real Hillary comes out of her porcelain shell :)

She basically created happiness for me these past 5 months.

Happy Birthday to my Hillary Ann.

Nothin but Love for this Bestie, Nothin but. 
Forever & Ever.  

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