I need to Shiwver!

Blogging, oh how I have missed you this past week!

Here is a quick run through of the Logan goodbye I had no time to write about.

It was very tender.
Initially, I was looking forward to going home, and wanted to check out as soon as possible. My car was packed up, and my room was emptied by 11:30, yet somehow I didn't get in my car to actually make the trek home until 5:30...

It turns out saying goodbye to my Logan family was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I hung out in the boys room, casa de 101 as they called it, for hours helping the boys get the room clean enough to get it checked off, because it turns out, boys are gross.
I stayed long enough to see every last one of them off.
And if I am being completely honest, some tears were shed.
{most of them by Devon, but a few from me too}

I know everyone says this, but I have every intention of seeing every member of my USU family this summer, multiple times. This lovely idea is the only thing that allowed me to hold it together, and not leave Logan as a complete emotional wreck, so don't crush my summer dreams.

When I finally arrived home, I unpacked my car, went to dinner with my adorable parentals, and was back on the road to Logan so I could make it in time for work.

Yep, you read me right, WORK.
I, Brooke Borup, got a job. A rather fabulous job deep cleaning college apartments.
Everyone's ideal profession.

I had to work 10 hour shifts of manual labor for four days, which is a pretty typical work week for most people, slammed into fewer days.
I have cuts on my hands, broken nails, destroyed cuticles, and greasy hair.
In the end though, I really enjoyed myself. I got the job with three of my best friends, and we danced and laughed our bums off while we cleaned. They are amazing, special people, and I wouldn't trade the time I get to spend with them for anything, even if the time is spent scrubbing toilets.

I also learned a little bit about myself.
I can do hard things. I enjoy manual labor more than I enjoy sitting at a desk sorting keys, even if they keys are easier. I like to be able to see the result of my hard work.
And I learned that I can stick my gloveless hand down a toilet.

Here is a little glimpse of a day in the glamourous custodial industry:

Workin' our cleaning supplies

Hanging out a two story building, just the dangers of the job

Dancing with my Lindsey

Hillary smacked me in the face and made me bite my lip. And yes, I looked like this every day. 

Lindsey's gross chemical rash. bless her heart. 

Before and After. Goo be Gone is a miracle. 

Dirty girl hands. 

Nikki was apart of this little adventure as well, F.Y.I, but just didn't appear in any of the pictures I've chosen to share. I love her all the same though :)

PS, Im not exactly sure where I am going with this blog now that I am out of school and home for the summer, but stayed tuned. 

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