Mi Familia

Lets talk about what I've been doing the last couple days.

Spending a whole lot of time with these people...

My adorable family!

Maybe it's because I spent so much time away from them this last semester, or maybe I'm just going through a little anti-social phase, but recently I end up spending my nights at home and I'm enjoying it. 

Let me paint a picture for you.

A Mother Daughter Scene:

Mom and Daughter talking in their sweats on the mother's bed.

Mom: "Do you wish you could hang out with Darren this weekend?"

Daughter: "Uh, Yes." 

Regular old mom's would probably say, "oh I am sorry, you guys will see each other soon enough."

But this mom says, "Lets go down to zion! I will lay in the sun, and visit with my family and you can go play with Darren all day."

And Daughter says, "Mom, you are the coolest mom I know."

And Mom replies, "Oh great, remember that when you're old and you hate me."

Thus, my mom is cooler than your mom. 

Not to forget, my dad is adorable and my sister is a a gem who loves me unconditionally.

How could I not want to spend all my time with these people?!? 

I am one lucky duck. 


  1. Buttering up your Mom for something special?

  2. I love your family too. Sigh, I miss them. Are you and Darren back together?? What about Br...ok I won't do it.