Easter Weekend

For some reason I have been avoiding going to Orem for weeks.
I guess I was pretending I was some cool college girl who doesn't miss home.
I'm not.

My mother convinced me to come back for easter sunday and I have never been so thankful for a weekend home.
After weeks of a rather tiring back and forth with the boy, I decided it was time to end the redhead fetish phase. And nothing gets be back to my normal self again faster than a few days in Orem with the family and friends.

The only missionary I know that I actually wrote came home last weekend!
So I got to spend the weekend spending some QT with Elder Decker.
Nothing more entertaining than watching a missionary fresh off the field try to adjust to real life again.
He forgets to speak english instead of spanish, and marvels at simple grocery stores and it gives me a good little giggle. I also enjoy beginning to introduce him to every movie worth watching that came out in the last 2 years.

I also discovered that hiding the eggs for the annual easter egg hunt might be more fun than actually finding them. And watching the most adorable cousins in the world try to find them, is the most entertaining of all.
And when I tell you they are the most adorable, I mean it. You might think you know cute kids, and I am sure you do, but I hate to burst your bubble, unless you know my cousins, you haven't seen a thing.

So my little weekend was wonderful. So wonderful I find myself feeling less anxiety and more excitement about moving home for the summer.

TWO weeks people!

The photos...

Sunday Walk with friends, didn't mention it, but it happened. 

Me and the Tis

the MOST adorable child ever. 

Dont you wanna squeeze her!!!

Happy Easter. 

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  1. When do you move home?? And when did you guys start using Tis?? That is a lil' inside thing with me and my Tis, thank you very much. Also, I'm still loving your brown hair. It should not change.